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How to Install Motorola Phone Tools

   First, make sure the USB drivers are downloaded and installed on the PC.  And, make sure your Motorola phone is NOT connected to your PC during the installation of the Motorola Phone Tools Program.

    Next, click on this website, click on the download link.  A dialog box will open.  Select, 'Save'.  By choosing the PC's desktop as the location to save the file, it can easily be found.  If you are not asked where to save the file, most browsers will automatically save the file in the Downloads folder.  Access this folder by going to: Start > My Documents > Downloads.  Download times will vary depending on your Internet connection.  Once the download has finished, you can begin the extraction process. (Explained next)

   The download for the Motorola Phonetools Software is in .zip format.  After downloading the program, create a new folder (on your desktop for example) and name it Motorola Phone Tools.   Then, Right Click on the download zip folder and choose unzip. (or extract depending on the wizard you will use.) The wizard will open. Select the Motorola Phone Tools folder you just created to extract the files to.  Then click, Extract.  The Motorola Phone Tools files will be extracted to the new folder. Next, the files will be installed on your PC..

   With the download and extraction completed, locate the Motorola Phone Tools Folder (on your desktop) and double click on the new folder to open it.  Next, locate the:
Setup icon and double click on it.


   This will begin the install of the Motorola Phone Tools program on your PC. During the installation, the program will check for updates and will automatically install them. 

 After the install is successful, you must reboot your computer. 


   After rebooting, start the Phone Tools Program by double clicking on the Phone Tools icon now on your desktop.

   If you have not downloaded the Data Cable/Modem drivers, do so now.  Then, ttach your phone to your PC with a USB data cable.  (Or, you can set up a Bluetooth connection.)

   The PC Suite will include all of your options on the left hand side.  You are now ready to begin using the Motorola Phone Tools program.